What we do

Central to our programmes are the home stays, where tourists stay with local villagers, are provided home-made food and gain insights into their daily lives. We also facilitated a network small cottages and tiny resorts which promote sustainable tourism with a larger mission of changing the existing tourism paradigm.We promote participation in cultural programmes with the aim of a meaningful cultural exchange between guests and hosts. This exchange can only occur in an environment of fairness, i.e. if the social setting includes environmental conservation in order to protect local resources, promotes local products, and ensures fair and sustainable wages and working conditions.

Our guests are part of festivals if they come during those festivals. We promote local knowledge and skills by encouraging ‘local experts’ to share their knowledge with the guests. We conduct special programmes for school children in order to give them more meaningful travel experiences and awarenessas well as meaningful business for the communities. We also conduct heritage walks in order to bring awareness on cultural identity, heritage conservation, etc.

The experiences we offer


We promote our rich heritage and placing local people at the center of cultural exchange. This ensures a fair travel that brings mutual benefits. Travelling is not just about tourists getting off the beaten track and of creating new ways for communities to thrive. For both hosts and guests, it is also about involvement in meaningful dialogue.

We organise village walks and excursions, the guests may participate in agricultural and fishing activities, or local crafts such as pottery and bamboo craft, depending on the location. Our guests get an opportunity to meet the elders of the villages to know about their lives in the past and how sustainable it was. We offer a ‘tea tour’ which gives a complete tea experience to the guests and supports small scale tea farmers in the region. A ‘food sovereignty’ tour is designed for people who are interested to know the importance of food security and the way to protect it. We designed a special tour with women partners and they offer a complete women tour to the women travellers. This programme ensures absolute safety and security of the women travellers as well gives an opportunity to understand the lives of women.

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Why we do

We strongly believe that by working with local communities, small players of the tourism industry and making them more sustainable, we will deeply change the existing tourism development paradigm. Kabani is facilitating home stays and other services in villages mainly with those who are otherwise not part of tourism and its benefits. The travel experiences we offer aren’t just limited to taking travellers off the beaten track or creating opportunities for communities to thrive, but is about creating a social setting that entails following components;

  • An enabling cultural exchange between visitors and hosts thus promoting the rich culture, heritage and meaningful dialogue.
  • Mutually beneficial setting that operates in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. This includes fair wages, working conditions, fair purchasing, operations and sustainably sourced products.
  • A protective space that not only strengthens the means of livelihood of the locals but also prevents degeneration of the natural resource that sustains the former.


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