Our vision

We aim for a sustainable world led by self-reliant communities, thus we encourage entrepreneurship and social innovation at village level. We foster community involvement in tourism, fair-trade value added village products and exchange of skills.

Our values

Authenticity – Kabani wants to help you to have a true and authentic experience in India. Our community will make sure that your trip will be a life-time experience. We promote our cultural heritage and offer positive cultural exchanges between people.

Sustainability – We believe that protecting the environment goes hand-in-hand with protecting the future livelihoods of local communities.

Equity – Our business operates in an ethically, socially and environmentally responsible manner. This includes fair wages and working conditions, fair purchasing, operations and sustainably sourced products.

Dialogue – Promoting our cultural heritage and offering positive cultural exchanges between people.

Our Trade Principles










  • 60% of the tour’s price goes to our Community and Service providers.
  • KABANI keeps 25% to foster, empower and market new community projects and conduct research, campaigns, trainings and product development with local communities.
  • 15% goes to the respective villages’ development funds to create awareness of the need for sustainable development activities and to help micro-enterprise and entrepreneurs.

Fair prices – our partners are paid twice a month, a living wage we mutually agree on and we do not push prices down by offering discounted services.

Long term relationship – Kabani strives to build long lasting partnerships with our stakeholders, through fair distribution of benefits and the respect of human rights and local culture.

Respect for the environment – Kabani aims to minimize our ecological footprint by using environmentally friendly services, we do not advertise tours that could damage the environment.

Support entrepreneurship – we support Micro Enterprises by providing them consultancy services such as marketing, planning, project conceptualization and entrepreneurship skills training.


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