Experience the Magic of Monsoon in Wayanad

   KABANI invites you to feel the showering clouds, to puddle the paddy fields, to go fishing with the bamboo baskets, to learn and to have a lot of fun, away from all the traffic and smoke, to feel at home in our village home stays and to relish the local cuisine as well as to discover the wonderful district of Wayanad.


Many wise observers have noted how we are formed by the landscape we live in and how we form it in return. There is no way to explain the mystical relationship a rural Indian farming community has to its hills, forest and its climate – you need to experience it. Each year as the monsoon passes overhead, the entire landscape breathes in and the frogs and birds start singing. Rice paddies, bamboo forests and local fruit plantations swallows the streams of water and are made whole. The monsoon season is the perfect time to meet a community that live alongside and through its environment. The introduction to the artisan agricultural practices is worth the trip on its own, but really, what you will take away will be a memory of a loving community integrated with its impossibly green landscape.



While the world boasts about four dramatic seasons, Kerala, the southernmost land strip of India experience generally two vigorous, yet bewitching climatic conditions – The vibrant sun and the romantic rain!

The valleys and the paddy fields of the state blooms into a mystic green carpet with the thunder and splash of “Edavam” (Mid May). The rain goes up to its full throttle during “Midhunam” and “Karkkidakam” (June-July), where the entire state becomes metamorphosed into a rain country.


The swollen rivers, endless streams, wet roads, green mountains, golden beaches, oracles, church bells, umbrella clad pedestrians, piping hot coffee, sweet coconut sap, the seasonal fruits and dishes opens a plethora of wonders to every visitor.

Trip highlights

Cooking Together : Experiencing Indian food is part of the adventure when you visit India, With Kabani you will have the opportunity to learn how to cook famous Indian food in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with freshly harvested products.


Village walk : Walk through the rice fields and countryside to meet farmers and learn about agriculture


Fish barbecue : Learn how to fish with a bamboo basket, set up a net across a river and how to catch crabs

Hills trekking : Trekking in the hills and mountains of the valley

 Brief Itinerary

The trip begins in Kozhikode (Calicut) which is well deserved by international flight. The journey to Thrikkaipetta also known as the bamboo village takes around 3 hours by bus, across the scenic curve of the mountain range. Once arrived in the village, you will be welcomed by your host family and invited to share a tea in this peaceful and quiet place, surrounded by mountains, rice paddies and tea plantations. Your host will then teach you how to cook a traditional Indian meal, meal that you taste for your own diner.

The following day, your guide will bring you to the bamboo handicraft workshop of the village, show you the rice fields and agriculture techniques used by the locals. The day ends with a shared barbecue with fishermen after a fishing class.

The third day is the most intensive one, with a trek (path from easy to medium difficulty) in the hills and mountains.

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Everything is walking distance in the village

Accommodation: Homestay

 Kabani could arrange transportation from where you are (from the airport or from the location where you are). It will be by car.

 Food, accommodation and activities are included in the package price

If you have questions about this Tour “Rain, the Yin of Kerala” or one of our several packages

You can write us at : contact@kabanitour.com

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