21 days of immersion into a different way of life

This three weeks trip also provides you with the best of that which is famous; the backwaters, the cities and its beautiful costs. The difference is that you spend more time beyond the boundaries of western influence. It is in the remote villages that put Kerala in the heart of one of the most gripping mythologies of India, as god’s own land.  This is where the true beauty of South India can be found, and it is in its villages we find communities that still live integrated into the ecological fabric. Join us on a three weeks ascent into their mist-covered mountains. Meet communities that approach the world with different assumptions and perhaps come away with a different point of view.


Most people think about the Kerala when they think about travelling in South of India. Kabani will take you out of the usual tourist’s path. Experience the scenic view over the valleys, learn from a fully-immersed perspective into the Kerala’s culture, discover the bamboo handicraft workshop and the traditional fishing technic in a tourist free area. Meet people and share your culture, mesmerise your eyes in front of breath taking landscape, lightning palaces and walk through the jungle to discover its hidden gems. Kabani will reveal to you the secrets of our country and its welcoming people.

Trip highlights

Palaces & Fort in Mysore : The architectural style of these palaces, the deep pink marbles domes, arches, gardens and temples will marvel you.

Boat trip & sunset on the backwaters : The “Venise of the East” with its shining backwaters, birds and palm trees is inevitable if you come to Kerala.

Kathakali & Kalaripayattu performance: Deeply rooted in the Kerala’s culture, the performance of the athletes of this dance and martial art is breathtaking.

Jungle safari : Trekking in the hills and mountains of the valley to discover the fauna and flora. You might spot elephants & tiger if you are lucky.

Cooking Class : Experiencing Indian food is part of the adventure when you visit India, With Kabani you will have the opportunity to learn how to cook famous Indian food in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with freshly harvested products.

Hills Trekking : Trek in the hills and mountains of the valley, for a breathtaking instant at the top.

Fish Barbecue : Learn how to fish with a bamboo basket, set up a net across a river and how to catch crabs.

Culture Sharing : exchanging with the locals about your culture.

 Brief Itinerary 


A taxi will pick you up at Bangalore’s airport and will bring you to your hotel. Once arrived, relax at the Art Village and Fireflies Secular Ashram and experience the ecological biodiversity in the Ashram. Visit an indigenous medicine manufacturing unit at the Goshaala using the cow excreta.





Mysore Palace, Mysore.Day 3, 4 & 5 : HD Kote & Mysore

Embrace our agricultural heritage thanks to a meeting with a millet farmer and how they adapt to climate change. Taste our spices, feast on fruits you never ever heard of and experience the nature that built it for you. Enjoy a tribe traditional dance form called “Kolattam” of the area, and observe their honey harvesting technique. Get involved in our education program in a school for disadvantaged children, follow the rhythm of Kabani river during a boat trip and listen to the nature in a jungle safari for the most adventurous. Go back to the illustrious dynasties by exploring Mysore, referred to as the cultural capital of Karnataka, a green city where the mesmerising Mysore Palace, an Indo-Muslim Palace inspiration, comes along with cathedral, churches and museums.



Scenic view over the mountains, ThrikkaipettaDay 6, 7, 8 & 9 : Thrikkaipetta

The next stop is Thrikkaipetta, a traditional and agricultural village, surrounded by rice fields, tea plantations and flanked by the Westen Ghaats. Once arrived in the village, you will be welcomed by your host family, share your culture and stories with them, and they will show you the vividness of our culture in this peaceful and quiet place.  Learn how to cook a traditional indian meal; meal that you taste for your own diner. Discover the bamboo handicraft workshop of the village, where Uravu established a sustainable and responsible business, the rice fields and other cash crops plantations. Fish you own food, helped by local fishermen and cook it yourself on a barbecue while watching the sunset over the hills. Learn the history of the valley and of its inhabitants by visiting the 300ft waterfall Soojiparra, the 3000 years old Edakkal caves, Jain temples … Do not stop here and get back to nature and stroll through our forests, trek in the hills and mountains, visit our rivers and lakes and understand the diversity of fauna and flora inhabiting all this places.



Calicut Beach-1Day 10, 11, 12 & 13 : Calicut

Go shopping in the crowded and friendly atmosphere of the market and witness the craftsmen at work; will you dare get a Henna tattoo or even a real one ? Visit a traditional boat making unit and be amazed by the craft skills of the workers, meet the fishermen at the sea port and enjoy the vibrant trade city where we established women empowerment program. The next day, have a walk in the colourful fruits market and Big bazar and learn about the Malabar way of conducting business. Sail on the river along the city and enjoy a Kalaripayattu performance, one of the oldest fighting systems in existence featuring strikes, kicks, preset forms, weaponry and healing methods. Complete your knowledge about local culture by discovering The Sacred Groves of Kerala and the beliefs tied to it and visit the Pazhassi Raja museum and an art gallery.



Allepey Sunset on the backwatersDay 14, 15 & 16 : Allepey

Described as the “Venice of the East”, you will experience the magic beauty of this place. Between water and earth, the land has many secrets awaiting for you with picturesque canals, backwaters and white sand beaches and lagoons. Visit prawn and mussels processing units, operated by women, relax on small boats sailing on the canals, walk by the backwaters and open your mind and spirit when visiting temples. Discover the journey of cotton bulb turning into a carpet and get to know the workers while visiting their boat workshop. Mr Namboori will then present you medicinal plants during a walk across the countryside. Walk by the sea side and let the current carry you to new surprises.



Hills, VagamonDay  17, 18 & 19 : Vagamon

Make yourself a home for your last stop in the wavy and green hills of the backdrop of the Western Ghaats. Explore the remote tea plantations and factory, trek to waterfalls or even experience para-gliding and acupuncture. Soak for local culture by taking Ayurveda consultations, one of the oldest Ayurvedic tradition in Kerala. Wake up early in the morning to visit the meadows and pine forests before exploring the Kurishu mall and monastery uphill and the diary farm. Finally say good bye to your new friends and we travel with you again



fortkochi-0018Day 20 & 21 : Fort Kochi

Kochi was a fishing village in the Kingdom of Kochi in the pre-colonial Kerala. From the following colonial history, Kochi inherited its architecture. Walk in the streets, flanked by a mix of Portuguese, Dutch and British old style houses, visit the Dutch Palace, churches, synagogue, and colourful spices market or just enjoy a scenic view by the waterfront, with a series of pre-colonial Chinese fishing nets. Chill out to a sunset cruise at sea, appreciate a Kathakali performance, a multi-centuries aged traditional dance featuring professionals colourfully dressed and make-up.


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