Created as a responsible tour operator in 2014, Kabani Community Tourism & Services is now extending its activities.

Thanks to the experience acquired over the years, Kabani is now operational as a consultancy firm for companies willing to develop their operations in the fields of responsible tourism, tourism package development etc;

Following its vision of empowering local communities and developing the markets for their products, Kabani also support small businesses by providing them training and finance help.

Consultancy & Training

World travel and tourism has expanded considerably over the years and continues to deposit its seen and unseen effects on to the environment and the people it visits.  It is now critical that the negative impact of the industry be avoided and that ways are found to manage and evolve systems and practices that sustain long-term social, environmental and economic competitiveness.

In this context Kabani offers consultancy and training services to host communities and local communities in general, service providers, tourism entrepreneurs and general public. These programmes are aimed to generate awareness on various aspects of tourism and to help to change the existing tourism practices into more sustainable.


We do offer consultancy services for new and existing entrepreneurs to make a sustainable tourism programme. Our services include conceptualisation of tourism projects, product development and marketing help. We have a team of experienced consultants, architects, marketing professional and financial experts whom shaped our consultancy programmes.

Training programmes

Based on last 12 years practical experience in developing sustainable tourism, we developed a very comprehensive training methodology and modules for equipping various stake holders and right holders to run sustainable community tourism programmes. Trainings for various service providers are one of the most important activities of Kabani. Our training team consists of various experts such trainers who have got many years’ experience in corporate and community training, theatre experts, management professionals and experienced villagers they do successful tourism programmes.

The participation of villagers and service providers in the villages are so critical to the success of sustainable tourism. Our training modules address each and every aspect of tourism and sustainable tourism in general. The villagers, home stay providers and others receive training in a range of different areas; from bridging cultural expectations to the importance of not relying on the inherently seasonal industry of tourism, and creating awareness of the negative sides of tourism in order to avoid such impacts in our programmes.

Given an increasing demand for sustainable tourism, Kabani also offers training sessions for other tour operators and hotels; how to implement a triple bottom line (social, environmental and economic sustainability), how to explain it to customers and how to make it part of the fabric of the tourist experience.

  • Communication Skills and Intercultural Sensitivity
  • Tourist behaviour (wants / needs and problems)
  • Management skills
  • Water, waste management and energy efficiency
  • Project awareness (community tourism as a concept, project’s vision, aims and benefit)
  • Taxi and other drivers (safety and comfort in driving)
  • Hospitality and hygiene
  • Legal requirement of tourism projects
  • Human rights in tourism for various value chains

If you are interested in any of these services or have any enquiries, please contact us at: [email protected]


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