World travel and tourism has expanded considerably over the years and continues to deposit its seen and unseen effects on to the environment and the people it visits.  It is now critical that the negative impact of the industry be avoided and that ways are found to manage and evolve systems and practices that sustain long-term social, environmental and economic competitiveness.

In this context Kabani offers consultancy and training services to host communities and local communities in general, service providers, tourism entrepreneurs and general public. These programmes are aimed to generate awareness on various aspects of tourism and to help to change the existing tourism practices in to more sustainable.


KABANI can help small businesses, tourism service providers and entrepreneurs to meet these challenges and improve customer satisfaction, efficiency in their operations and adaptation to sustainable practices.

KABANI’s experience in responsible tourism for the last one decade, community tourism, programme development, sustainable development and training in tourism and related areas is now offered as consultancy services.

Listed below are the consultancy services we offer:

Conceptual development Project conceptualisation for tourism projects, Sustainable Tourism, Package development in tourism, Research, Assessment and Analysis, marketing plans, Planning and Strategic development, Visitor Management Plans for destinations, Development of Community Tourism Programmes

Training programmes

In addition to consultancy services, we also offer training services in tourism. We have many years experience in community tourism. All these experiences now evolved as training modules and we provide training services to various service providers, training courses to companies and NGOs on various subjects related to tourism and development. These training courses have been designed to prepare our communities to face the challenges they will have to deal with tourism and providing hospitality to European and regional and domestic travellers.

Communication Skills and Intercultural Sensitivity

Tourist behaviour (wants / needs and problems)

Management skills

Water, waste management and energy efficiency

Project awareness (community tourism as a concept, project’s vision, aims and benefit)

Taxi and other drivers (safety and comfort in driving)

Hospitality and hygiene

Legal requirement of tourism projects

Human rights in tourism for various value chains

If you are interested in any of these services or have any enquiries, please contact us at:



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