Volunteer Policy: 
About – Kabani Community Tourism & Services:
Kabani Community Tourism & Services is a social enterprise founded in 2013, facilitating community partnerships in various villages in India and is promoted by our parent organization formed in the year 2005 which is a non-profit entity called KABANI – the other direction, campaigning and working at advocacy levels regarding the negative impacts of tourism since then. Kabani is a togetherness of committed people thinking and striving for the cause of their people and the land that they love. Our mission – is to encourage entrepreneurship and social innovation at village level. We facilitate community involvement in tourism, fair-trade value added village products and exchange of skills. We work with strong principles of sustainable development of villages.
KABANI facilitates community tourism initiatives which have their basis in the local population, focusing on the socio-economic security and sustainable development of the villages and the protection of natural resources. We organize travel programs offering accommodation and food in our village home stays at various places and a few cottage facilities in our network at different parts of India working on to achieve sustainability in tourism practices. Our parent organization which is a non for profit entity ,KABANI – the other direction is committed to providing capacity enhancement and learning experiences to youth, students and professionals to gain experiences in different perspectives of tourism, communities, policies and its impacts by interning/ volunteering with us. The focus of the volunteering is on issues connected with organization’s areas of work and priorities.
We do not have the financial resources to offer a stipend but we do provide solid learning opportunities and experiences. The volunteers / interns can use our expertise, experiences to enhance their professional capacity and experience. We are flexible about the amount of time you can spend and the kind of work you would like to do. We believe in a mutually beneficial programme.
Policy on Interns / Volunteers
As tourism is getting importance in the development and other debate we are getting volunteer / Internship requests from students, professionals etc; who are interested in research, academic work and Professional experiences from India and abroad, to work with KABANI for a short while in order to gain Professional expertise, experience, perspective and knowledge in this area. We believe in facilitating such a mutually benefited creative space and offer internship / volunteer opportunities and positions.
The number of such positions will be based on KABANI’s ability to offer suitable learning opportunities and guidance, and that the area of interest of the intern meets broadly with our own areas of focus. We are not offering any stipend / scholarship to such interns but do take on the responsibility of providing learning opportunities, use of its resources and infrastructure and expertise. We encourage students, researchers, professionals, content writers, graphic designers, social media enthusiasts, financial professionals, legal experts, social workers etc.

The internship programme operates under the following broad guiding principles.

1. The agreement for the internship will be between KABANI and the institute/ university / individual concerned.
2. Details of internship (assignments, reports and papers to be written) will be made clear in the agreement. It will be imperative that the intern submits a copy of his/her final report to KABANI and KABANI will be clearly acknowledged in the report.
3. The period for which the internship is contracted for will be used exclusively for the purposes of the agreed assignments in the internship contract.
4. KABANI does not offer a stipend or reimburse any travel or living expenses as a part of the assignment.
5. Volunteers/Interns are directly appointed by the Managing Director, Kabani Community Tourism & Services
6. The work timings and schedules of Interns/Volunteer’s during the period of internship will be according to the Kabani staff policy.
7. The volunteer/intern will be given a letter for a specific period detailing the nature of the assignment and timeframe, and assigning a KABANI staff as supervisor/ mentor.
8. The evaluation process would be agreed upon by KABANI, the sending institute/university/organization, and the intern / volunteer, and stated in this agreement.
9. At the end of the internship, on satisfactory completion of all formalities stated above, KABANI will issue a Letter of Reference/ certificate stating clearly the purpose, the kind of assignment undertaken and task implemented by the intern / volunteer.
10. Interns/ Volunteers to read and understand the Code of ethics and guidelines to travelers as in our website and to conduct themselves accordingly while at work and travelling with us.
11. Interns/Volunteer’ to complete all VISA and other travel formalities to fulfill the Indian legal requirements including necessary medical and other insurance coverage while in India,before arriving for internship.


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