Travel recommendations

f the comfortable hotel on the other hand opens up new ways to meet the world. If we are trying to conceptualize the true value drivers of community tourism, the effect that authentic exchanges has on visitors and hosts cannot be ignored. When Augustine wrote that “the world is a [...]Read more

Community Voices

“Seeing a foreigner used to be a matter of curiosity for me and my family, until we started receiving tourists in our home through Kabani” “I could never have imagined communicating and interacting with people from such culturally diverse backgrounds beyond the boundaries of our [...]Read more

Why travel with us?

Travelling abroad often means relaxation and sight-seeing. It also means getting to know a culture. It can also mean an opportunity to consider the effect of your journey and the way you carry out this inter-cultural experience.Read more

Namaste !

Welcome to Kabani ! We advocate sustainable travel where you can become part of a change by visiting one of our communities. Read more to know about our actions, travels and campaigns, as well as having an opportunity to book one of our organised journeys in India.Read more

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