Thoughtful Travel

It is time to awaken to a new understanding of travel. It is time to become a conscious tourist. It is time to adopt Thoughtful Travel. Thoughtful Travel is part of a growing initiative to change the face of tourism. It is a concept that aims to promote sustainable tourism, it is [...]Read more

Guidelines to Travellers

Ethical home stays: In the heart of our community Kabani travelers as stakeholders It is impossible to compare the experience of being part of a mass of tourists and being integrated into a community. Mass tourism often focuses  on a single locality and the effect of this [...]Read more

What our guests say

” We hope for so much that is positive as you launch Kabani after years of rigorous thought and preparation. You have a very exciting business model that challenges us to think again about the way we travel. And as someone who has travelled with you I am converted already! [...]Read more

Community Tourism

Community Tourism Partnerships Kabani is facilitating community tourism partnerships and initiatives with grassroots organisations in several villages in India. We have been working with farming and coastal communities of Kerala to set up their own tourism programmes in their [...]Read more

Book a Tour

Where we take you: Kabani has a wide network throughout India, and the number of our partners is constantly increasing as the demand for responsible tourism is increasing rapidly. More and more local communities are setting themselves free from the the ordinary economic circle [...]Read more

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