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Magical South India

This three weeks trip also provides you with the best of that which is famous; the backwaters, the cities and its beautiful cost. The difference is that you spend more time beyond the boundaries of western influence. It is in the remote villages that put Kerala in the heart of [...]Read more

Know your Land – Know your Food

A two day excitement for children organized Kabani Community Tourism & Services in association with AFRC, Kalpetta and KABANI -the other direction as part of inculcating values of responsible tourism among children. This is a tour that you can offer your children on a week [...]Read more

Celebrate Onam at our villages !

Onam is just not a festival to receive an ancient King who was very generous, making the tiny land of Kerala “ A true welfare state” The festival is a detour to the history of our land, its values, myths and perspectives, hinting to the erased historic truths. Onam Experience at KABANIRead more

Travel recommendations

f the comfortable hotel on the other hand opens up new ways to meet the world. If we are trying to conceptualize the true value drivers of community tourism, the effect that authentic exchanges has on visitors and hosts cannot be ignored. When Augustine wrote that “the world is a [...]Read more


  KABANI invites you to feel the showering clouds, to puddle the paddy fields, to go fishing with the bamboo baskets, to learn and to have a lot of fun, away from all the traffic and smoke, to feel at home in our village home stays and to relish the local cuisine.  Read more

Community Tourism

Community Tourism Partnerships Kabani is facilitating community tourism partnerships and initiatives with grassroots organisations in several villages in India. We have been working with farming and coastal communities of Kerala to set up their own tourism programmes in their [...]Read more

Book a Tour

Where we take you: Kabani has a wide network throughout India, and the number of our partners is constantly increasing as the demand for responsible tourism is increasing rapidly. More and more local communities are setting themselves free from the the ordinary economic circle [...]Read more

Community Voices

“Seeing a foreigner used to be a matter of curiosity for me and my family, until we started receiving tourists in our home through Kabani” “I could never have imagined communicating and interacting with people from such culturally diverse backgrounds beyond the boundaries of our [...]Read more

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