” We hope for so much that is positive as you launch Kabani after years of rigorous thought and preparation. You have a very exciting business model that challenges us to think again about the way we travel. And as someone who has travelled with you I am converted already! Meeting your friends in the villages was inspirational as was seeing the benefits of our travel finance being ploughed back into local communities. This is a wonderful way to show solidarity with benefits for all who participate. Very best wishes to you all”
Libby Blake,London, UK

” We stayed in a Kabani homestay in Thrikkaippetta for two nights. It was an amazing experience for us and we felt like at home indeed. The family showed enourmous hospitality and friendliness. We had the chance to try different traditional food, which was incredibly tasty. We are convinced that this project has a bright future”
Melisa (Argentina) and Zuzka (Czech Republic)

“Kabani swims against the tide of mordern tourism. It takes you into the fields in villages, into the local streets in town, to the people, the local temples, mosques and churches. More important it takes you into peoples homes and thier sisters and brothers homes. You watch thier goats beings milked and food cooked. You become part of a family, part of a village!”
Sonia Ennals and Jim Wintour, UK

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