f the comfortable hotel on the other hand opens up new ways to meet the world. If we are trying to conceptualize the true value drivers of community tourism, the effect that authentic exchanges has on visitors and hosts cannot be ignored. When Augustine wrote that “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” he did not refer to being transplanted from one homogenous cultural setting to another. When Rumi said that “travel brings power and love back into your life” he was not talking about better prices on alcohol, food and hotels or even fantastic sunsets or new beaches.

Some things we can only ever wonder about, but does not cross pollination of the mind, at least in part, explain our evolutionary mandated call to the open road? There is something to Mitchell’s sentiment when he writes that “if you travel far enough, you will end up meeting yourself”.

Community tourism builds new connections and in doing this, it helps shape our collective consciousness in surprising and important ways.

In order to help us to achieve these goals, you can download our “Travel recommendations” for an ethical stay in India