KABANI invites you to feel the showering clouds, to puddle the paddy fields, to go fishing with the bamboo baskets, to learn and to have a lot of fun, away from all the traffic and smoke, to feel at home in our village home stays and to relish the local cuisine.


While the world boasts about four dramatic seasons, Kerala, the southernmost land strip of India experience generally two vigorous, yet bewitching climatic conditions – The vibrant sun and the romantic rain!

The valleys and the paddy fields of the state blooms into a mystic green carpet with the thunder and splash of “Edavam” (Mid May). The rain goes up to its full throttle during “Midhunam” and “Karkkidakam” (June-July), where the entire state becomes metamorphosed into a rain country.first

The swollen rivers, endless streams, wet roads, green mountains, golden beaches, oracles, church bells, umbrella clad pedestrians, piping hot coffee, sweet coconut sap, the seasonal fruits and dishes opens a plethora of wonders to every visitor.

To splash out your footsteps this monsoon with family and friends and for more details on the monsoon package please write to contact@kabanitour.com

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