Travelling abroad often means relaxation and sight-seeing. It also means getting to know a culture. It can also mean an opportunity to consider the effect of your journey and the way you carry out this inter-cultural experience.

Three reasons to travel with us:

  • We focus on socio-economic security and the sustainability of our action
    Travelling through India is exciting. From big hotel chains and luxurious SPAs, you won’t miss anything. Our country is a place full of opportunities, but also a place full of threats. Only few see the side-effects of mass tourism and explotation of local communities. Especially Kerala, a state with only little industrialisation compared to others, tourism is often one of the only employment possibilities. Socio-economic security is concerned with paying fair prices to all people down the supply chain of tourism. This does not mean that our prices are overrated, it means that the place that accomodates you is paid a respectable wage. The main difference of this approach is that there is not intermediate, no big hotel chain that takes a margin for various shareholder and only pays minimum wages to the local employees. Our partners, homestay and SME operators are all self-employed and the wages paid go directly to them. The rates we charge are fair, as they give our people the chance to make a living from it and to provide education to their families. To the families, tourism is not the only source of income. We strongly encourage them to maintain their jobs ar farmers and to have two sources of income as tourism is a cyclical industry.
  • Preserve the nature wherever you are going with us
    Travelling through India is exciting for tourists in many ways. We encourage and demand our partners to engage in various programmes to preserve our nature. Your experience will be a natural experience. The Farmers and Partners working with us are building their houses with local materials and are providing accomodation that is simple and adequate at the same time. Once arrived in Kerala or at any of our locations, we are promiting local forms of transportation which are, until present, some of the most ecological forms of trasnportation in the country.
  • Live a profound and thorough cultural experience
    Very often you will go to a different country, wherever it may be in the world, and you will find yourself in hotels or clubs that a pretty much standardised all around the world. When travelling with Kabani, you will not be accomodated in one of these international places. You will stay at local organisations and with local people and become a true international by doing so. By leaving behind the international culture of standardised hotels, you will truly experience the culture. You will live with a family for a short duration and experience what the Indian way of life is really about. Our people and their programmes are set amongst green hills, banks of unique backwaters, serene beaches, delightful climate, diverse culture and life style – you will soon learn why villagers here are proud of their land and welcome you to share it with them. This mutual interaction between guest and host is the start of a journey to the past- to rediscover and respect our environment and our heritage.