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Women to Women Travel –  Connecting lives

Are you tired of hearing the expression “it’s a man’s world”?

Are you exhausted of people constantly warning you that it’s dangerous for you to travel alone, on your own?

Would it be nice to discover the world and meet your fellow women?

Do you want to end the reign of others taking you everywhere they’d like to go?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, we have got some interesting travel programmes for you! You don’t have to give up your solo travel experience even if you are a busy Mom, working professional or housewife. Getting away from home, family, routine life, is an important way of maintaining balance, relaxation as well as fun.

Kabani launched a new travel programme Women to Women TravelConnecting lives is an informative and liberating travel programme exclusively for women who want to explore the world as their own. It’s meant to inspire women to give them the confidence to go on their own adventures instead of waiting around for someone to go with them. During this journey you can meet other fellow women in various walks of life, having the power to inspire women to live adventurously and intentionally without the feeling of fear, insecurity, loneliness, or the pressures of a patriarchal society.

Come and travel trough these transformative destinations and powerful lives with Kabani.

Your fellow women in the villages are welcoming aspiring travelers and those who want to explore the world through meaningful interaction with local people and their cultures.

We invite you to discover some amazing accommodations, retreats and travel which especially cater YOU, the woman traveler.

You are welcome …


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